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Author: Julie Slivka, Communications Manager

Jan 1, 2024

The year 2023 was marked by many notable achievements and milestones that have characterized the Marylanders Online digital literacy initiative since its inception two years ago. Throughout the year, substantial growth was experienced across all dimensions of the program. The addition ofMarylanders Online 2023 Year in Review several new staff members, many new and innovative programs, and the curation of hundreds of resources have collectively contributed to a significant expansion of the program. Marylanders Online's dedicated team and esteemed partners have played an indispensable role in this success, and these efforts have solidified UME Marylanders Online's leadership in advancing digital literacy, equity, and inclusion across the state. 

To recap a few noteworthy accomplishments from 2023: 

  • Over 240 digital literacy events were supported statewide, including ACP sign-ups, device distributions, and digital skills classes. 
  • Nearly 570 digital skills resources were curated, including 403 Give Help resources and 166 Get Help resources 
  • Over 6,000 Digital Navigation Helpline calls,12% of which were Spanish 
  • Nearly 7,000 users visited the Marylanders Online website.

 Click here to download: 2023 Year Review