Pruthvi Billa


Pruthvi joins the UME Digital Literacy team as the Web Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise. He is a Master of Science in Information Systems graduate from the prestigious University of Maryland, where he has developed a deep passion for technology, artificial intelligence, and website development. His academic journey equips him with the latest insights and strategies to harness the power of technology and data, enhancing his abilities and ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge, data-informed solutions. 

With a solid foundation in the field, Pruthvi has seamlessly transitioned from academia to the professional sphere. He boasts previous roles as an analyst and a software engineer at TCS, a globally renowned IT services and consulting company. He is highly skilled in programming, developing machine learning models, performing analytics, creating visualizations, and adept in using Cloud technologies and managing projects.

Outside of his tech-savvy endeavors, Pruthvi is an avid basketball and chess player. In addition, he has a deep appreciation for music, holding a diploma in the melodious art of Carnatic music.